Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take prints to ship?

Express shipping times to Ireland & Europe, for framed & canvas products, are 2-3 working days (after production).

For most countries, there will be an 'Express Tracked' and a 'Standard Tracked' shipping rate shown at checkout, with estimated times shown in Working Days (Monday to Friday). Bank Holidays & Public Holidays are not included as delivery days.

As each print is handmade to order, estimated shipping times (also shown when checking out) do not account for production/printingbut the good news is that it usually takes just 2-4 working days to get them through production and on their way to you!

See more here - Shipping Policy.



Where do you ship to?

Rolled Prints - 213 Countries 🌎

Framed & Canvas - 61 Countries 🌍

See full list here - Shipping Policy.


How are the framed prints measured?

Sizes shown include the white mount board, but exclude the thin frame, so the framed prints, overall, will be a tiny bit larger than the measurement shown. 

Just for reference, the white mount is 2 inches wide on all sides.


Are the framed prints mounted behind glass?

Yes, they are actually framed behind a clear acrylic which is much lighter and much stronger than glass, and they look absolutely fab.


Do the canvas prints wrap the frame?

Yes, the canvas does wrap around the sides of the wooden frames, however, it is a white wrap not an image wrap, in order to preserve the full print. You can see this in the preview images and I think it looks much better.


Do you sell gift cards?


They are delivered by email, you can get one here - Gift Card


What product and size would you most recommend?

Picking a size is such a tough one but in general I think the framed 20"x28", the canvas 16"x24" and the 16"x24" print, they are all such a good size (not too big not too small, and the best value too)

I was very careful in choosing what products to offer as there are so many options available when printing fine art photography and I wanted to ensure that I only went with the best.

I chose three print variants for every image, for some variety and to offer a few different price points too.

Framed & Mounted Prints are stunning to display, my absolute favourite. As I've said in each description, they are the premium product, but for good reason. Best value: 20" x 28" - I'm not going to lie this is a pretty decent size but I think it is perfect, the bigger the better, I have one on my wall.

Canvas Prints truly look like a piece of art, they are beautiful and can be presented on any wall, in any space. Best value: 16" x 24" - it is a generous size and at the best price point for it too, again I have one in my office, three in fact.

Finally, just prints, which I know myself can so easily end up in the pile waiting to be framed... So, I wanted to ensure they were more than just your average piece of photo paper, instead I opted for something special.
I chose Hahnemühle German Etching Paper, an extremely fancy and gorgeously thick paper. Perfect to display as is, yet also ideal for framing. Best Value: 16" x 24" - again it is such a decent size for the price, certainly not small!

How do I hang my framed print?

Framed prints and canvas' come 'ready to hang' with hooks attached.

This is super easy for small sizes, however, when it comes to bigger frames that require more than one contact point with the wall, I find that it becomes very hard to ensure it is level, and unless you're good you'll end up with a few holes in the wall.

Instead, I prefer to use a much easier method and have made a video to show you what I mean! - How to Hang your Framed & Canvas Prints.



Do you accept returns?

Prints and products are hand-made to order, and therefore, unfortunately, we do not accept any returns.

With the exception, of course, in the case where a product is incorrect, damaged or defective due to our error. 

See more here - Refund Policy.


I'm sure I've definitely missed something 👇🏼

Please feel free to send me a message ✍🏼